Friday, September 29, 2006

About Us

We are not terrorists, we are freedom fighters and bacteria rights activists. How long will we the bacteria stay calm as millions of innocent bacteria are killed everyday? We are here just to put a full stop to that.
We condemn all those involved in flushing their toilets, cleaning their stinky socks, and clearing the garbage as all these processes create death to millions of bacteria.
We suggest alternative methods, like not flushing closets, wearing stinky socks and living in a dumpster. If these attrocities against our fellow bacterians continue, we will be forced to hijack paper planes and propell them towards ur buildings
A few facts about our organisation:

Strength : 1000000/mm cube
Based at : Everywhere including below your mouse pad
Headed by: Dust Bin Ladenteria

We will not stop until our goal is achieved, this is a final warning....