Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flash News: New Spokesman for Al Bacteria

Flash News
The Al Bacteria organization has nominated one of our supporters, HeyMan All Jabber&Hurry, as official spokesman for the organization. All official communications or threats henceforth will be issued through him. HeyMan All Jabber&Hurry has spent years in the cause of Bacteriastan and is part of the senior leadership of our organization. He headed the research and espionage rings of the albacteria for quite some time. He was the first person to successfully isolate a bacteria from sludge and muck. While heading the espionage ring of the Al - Bacteria, he was the person who brought in the pioneering change that the best hiding place for bacterian spies would be behind toilet closets(potty's). Ever heard of the term, successful ideas erupt only when you are errrm, you know where....