Saturday, October 07, 2006

HeyMan's First Threat

Following is HeyMan All Jabber&Hurry’s first threat:
“We order all the nations of the world to immediately close down all Medical schools that train doctors and those scientific facilities that conduct research against our brothers. Great injustices have been done to our ancestors in the name of treatment and research.
Our brothers have been isolated, torn apart and have been used as research tools, would you enjoy it if somebody cut apart your body parts and examined them? If you fail to heed this decree, we shall fight you in the land, in the air and in the sea. Rivers of Blood shall flow. We invite our Virus Brothers to join us against this fight for survival against the Crusaders of Science & Medicine. Release all bacterians and give us our land. It is either Bacteriastan or Blood. If you havent reslised the fact about what happens if the bacteria do not co-operate with human kind. Consider this, no bacteria working= no decomposition, no decomposition=stench, stench=sirt, all these processes will slowly lead to disintegration of human kind. If you want to have an idea of what we are talking about, mix a rotten egg with vinegar, unspirited wine, lime juice which has been kept in the open for 3 days and smell the mixture, that is the kind of stench we are talking about”